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Cincom L20E-IX Sliding Head Lathe

Cincom L20E-IX Sliding Head Lathe

B & A Precision Engineering now house the Cincom L20E sliding head lathe, with 20mm bar capacity featuring up to 32 tools and Cincom Control technology for maximum efficiency.

Cincom L20E-IX Sliding Head Lathe

The Cincom L20E-IX CNC sliding head lathe has been specially developed for the high-precision manufacture of both simple and complex parts in medium to large batch sizes. It offers all-round versatility and flexibility with its many options and extremely short setup times.

The Cincom L20E is a state of the art turning centre that features the All-axis Simultaneous Cincom System Mitsubishi M7 control. The standard seven cutting axes (X1, Y1, Z1, X2, Z2, C1, C2) and one bar loader axis (A7) make easy work of the toughest applications.

Compared with earlier generations of the L Series, the Cincom L20E CNC sliding head lathe offers the advantage of faster set-up, reduced cycle time and lower maintenance costs.

The user-friendly editing function which utilises multi line, multi axes programming, along with superimposed and synchronised control make setting up the most complex jobs easy.

Cincom L20E-IX CNC Sliding Head Lathe Features:

Latest Generation ‘Cincom Control’ CNC System
Overlapped operations of tool posts – 2 independent tool posts can be moved synchronously to reduce idle periods.

Overlapped movements of axes – In a tool replacement or thread cutting operation, axis movements can begin before an operation using another axis has completed.

Direct spindle indexing function – the time taken for returning to zero point and spindle indexing are greatly reduced by defining the zero point at which the rotating axis is decelerated and stopped.

Smooth acceleration and deceleration with the minimum shock

Increased Tool Flexibility
Tooling arrangements allow extra cross rotary tools, extra turning tools or extra end-working rotary tools.

Vertical Holder
7 rotary spindles ( 3 can be swiveled 90 deg between cross and end face machining) and 6 turning tools fitted as standard for turning, grooving, screw-cutting, parting-off etc.

Standard Y-axis facilitates tool centre height adjustment and enables complex operations to be carried out with ease.

Rotary tools rated at 1kW / 5,000RPM.

Tooling arrangements allow extra cross rotary tools, extra turning tools or extra end-working rotary tools.

Front/Back Machining Holders
7 fixed end-working positions (3 front/4 back) as standard (8 optional 3 front/5 back).

Allows operations such as drilling, tapping, screw-cutting, boring and turning to be carried out simultanously with other operations.

Sub spindle opposed toolpost can be fitted with up to 4 rotary tools (0.4kW, 5,000RPM).

Sub Spindle

  • 20mm Dia
  • 0.75/1.5kW
  • 8,000 RPM
  • C-Axis
Main Spindle

  • 20mm Dia
  • 2.2/3.7kW
  • 10,000 RPM
  • C-Axis
  • 24mm through hole

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