CNC Machining Lancashire

CNC Machining Lancashire

Computer numerical control (CNC) technology helps your machines and business run at an efficient and modern rate. If you require a specific part or need a part modifying from your existing machine, you want fast and reliable assistance to ensure that your production rate reaches its full capacity.

At B&A Precision Engineering, we offer skilled and dependable workmanship with an exceptionally fast turnover rate to fix both small- and large-scale CNC contracts in the Preston (North West) area.

We can address issues relating to any type of CNC machine from large industrial machines to smaller, more delicate appliances.

Our in-house experts, with over 200 years of combined experience, are able to work closely with you to achieve your aims.

Quick Overview

1 - 3 Days
Every part comes with a guarantee
One off prototypes up to x10,000
11 Different Materials
Fully ISO 9001 Approved
Technical Assistance:
In-house technical experts
Delivered anywhere
in the UK

Because B & A offer so many services I can get all my engineering done from the one company, saving me time and money.

Simon Hopkins, Manchester

I am really pleased with the quality and speed of response from B & A Precision Engineering. We provided a brief description of the task and they simply did the job!

James Morgan, Kent


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