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Miyano ABX-51SYY/64SYY CNC Turning Center

Miyano ABX-51SYY/64SYY CNC Turning Center

B&A now house the latest high productivity multitasking turning centre – the Miyano ABX-51SYY/64SYY CNC Turning Center.

Featuring 2 spindles, 2 turrets and 2 Y-axes

Miyano ABX-51SYY/64SYY CNC Turning Center

The ABX-51SYY and 64SYY are designed to provide high productivity and flexibility. In addition to the advantages of simultaneous machining on both spindles, the introduction of a Y-axis facility on both turrets allows a wide variety of simultaneous turning or milling operations for highly efficient production. 24 tool stations available (12 per turret) enable up to 48 fixed or 24 driven tools (or a combination of both) to be fitted for maximum productivity.

Simultaneous Machining

Combined turning on the main and sub spindle, simultaneous drilling and tapping and simultaneous complex machining (making use of the 2 turret’s Y-axes) are all possible.

Heavy Duty

Powerful spindle and driven tool motors combined with the rigid casting allow superb vibration reduction for maximum machining performance, accuracy and enhanced tool life.


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