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Precision Engineered Parts Company

Precision Engineered Parts Company

We are B & A Precision Engineering, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of precision engineered parts. With the capacity to turn around large-scale contracts, one-off prototypes or individual replacement parts, we’re confident we can deliver exactly what you need, precisely when you need it.

B&A Precision Engineering - Precision Engineered Parts CompanyDependable

As a fully ISO-registered precision engineered parts company, we at B & A pride ourselves on the quality and durability of our products, and every component we make is 100% guaranteed. Our high-capacity plant allows us to take on mass-production contracts, small-batch projects and the manufacture of prototypes. Whatever the scale of the job, our flexibility means we’ll meet your requirements quickly and efficiently.

Nationwide And Beyond

Unlike many of our competitors, we serve businesses across the country and the rest of Europe, manufacturing precision engineered parts for clients within the automotive, pharmaceutical and aerospace industries, amongst many others. We can deliver to anywhere in the UK and can help any company in need of precision parts.


At B & A Precision Engineering, we’re committed to economy through quality. We offer competitive quotes tailored to the specific requirements of your project, and while we always try to keep costs down, we never compromise on the quality of workmanship and customer service we’re pleased to offer.


B&A Precision Engineering  - Utilising the latest TechnologyWe use the latest in precision engineering technology, and our site is fully equipped with high-performance manual and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery. Our CNC Milling Centres are renowned for their accuracy and ability to perform any number of complex directions in a single operation. CNC Milling technology ensures that even the most complicated of precision engineered parts can be made efficiently, meticulously and systematically. CNC Turning allows for more flexibility and can be combined with CNC Milling to create intricate shapes from a variety of materials, including: aluminium, stainless steel, Teflon, sterling silver and acrylic. For that perfect finish for your components, we also offer a grinding service.


We’re proud of our highly-skilled staff; when it comes to making precision engineered parts, they’re the leaders in the field. Our team will support you through the CAD/CAM design stage of your product, the construction of your prototype and, finally, the manufacture and delivery of your finished parts. Delivering top-quality customer service is one of our highest priorities – and we consider great after-sales support to be an essential part of that service.


Our experienced engineers can be relied on when you urgently need a replacement part. We have provided precision engineered parts for all manner of machinery and can be depended on to deliver that essential component on time and on budget.


B&A Precision Engineering  - ISO RegisteredQuality control is a vital part of our production process. Our exacting standards mean we can be sure of the dimensions and tolerances of every part that passes through our factory gates. We make individual inspection reports available on every single finished machine part, while every member of our engineering workforce goes through Quality Control ISO 9001:2000 training in machining techniques, mathematical integration, gauge reading, print identification/tolerances and CNC control/programming.

For more information on the range of services we’re pleased to offer, please ring us on 01772 330321 or get in touch via Twitter. Our friendly and efficient customer service team will be glad to answer your questions.


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